What’s Up (Or Down) With Your Brand? A Brand Refresh Guide Book

First of all, a brand refresh does not mean throwing out every aspect of your brand. There were reasons why you have made the decisions you have made up until this point and if your brand has stayed true to your company essence, but could use a mini makeover, then you are the perfect candidate for a brand refresh. Read on to find out if you can save yourself the giant overhaul of a rebrand and instead, bring your brand up to date with some key realignment practices.

Signs that you need a refresh

  • Outdated (has your brand evolved since its creation in 1995?)
  • Inconsistent application (of logo or tagline)
  • The business has fundamentally changed
  • The market has evolved
  • The business is about to expand, grow or tap into new markets
  • The messaging is disconnected - no one (internal or external) quite understands what the company does anymore

If the points listed above have spoken to you, the next step is to ask yourself why this has happened. What’s the reason behind the disconnect?

Has the company experienced any of the following:

  • A pivot in service offerings or products
  • Expansion and a splintering of sub-brands
  • Losing relevancy in the market among competitors
  • Industry upheaval
  • New ownership and/or leadership

It’s ok to admit there’s a problem, because behind that acknowledgement is the space for improvement. Now it’s time to find a solution and reap the many benefits of tackling this issue head-on.

Here’s why a brand refresh can be a quick solution with a big impact.

Benefits of a refresh

  • Not as dramatic as a full rebrand
  • Keep the existing brand equity
  • Better articulate who you and what you stand for
  • Generate buzz
  • Capture the interest of a new audience
  • Team realignment
  • Attract investors and new talent

The key takeaway from a brand refresh should be to retain the essence of your brand while honing your message and imaging.

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