Brand Strategy

The centre of your digital marketing strategy. We consider who you are as an organization, who you want to be, and the space you operate in. We work with you to define, sharpen and apply your brand.

Aligned and ready

Our foundational frameworks help you get clarity on your offering, how you’re different and your target customer.

Visual Identity

The visual or graphical representation of your brand, including logo design, fonts, photos, colours, shapes and forms, and any other visuals that work to convey your brand’s message and way of being.

Vision, Mission, Values

Extracting what your brand stands for at its core, honing in on what matters most to your organization and using that clarity to inform your digital brand strategy.

Competitor Matrix and Market Research

In-depth reporting on your organization’s space and competition, including target demographics, value propositions, pricing, product offerings, space dominance, trends, and more.

Customer Discovery

Qualitative and quantitative reporting on who your customers and potential customers are, what they care about and why, and other consumer behaviour that guides your brand, business and marketing strategies.

Stakeholder Alignment

Facilitating internal alignment in your organization through an external, objective point of view so that leadership agrees on and understands the organizational goals, priorities, and messages so individuals can guide their respective teams with clarity and focus.

Positioning and Key Messages

How you describe the value your organization delivers is the foundation of your brand strategy, beginning with the real world “why” of your brand, organization, product or service and from that base creating messaging, or the actual content for your audience, that communicates what you do in an engaging way.

Value Proposition Design

Simply put, creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.

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