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Branding Is A Spiritual Exercise

The stark dichotomy between those that view branding as a spiritual exercise and those that don't illustrate why some organizations have such a difficult time with branding and arriving on a brand that represents them — while others achieve profound impact and loyalty.

Why Company Culture is a Critical Component of any Great Brand

Do you know someone with a great personality? Maybe it has something to do with how they present themselves, their interests, social circle, or the millions of other little things that make up someone’s personality. No matter what it is, this person is a great human and you like spending time with them. A company can be thought of as akin to a person, where its personality is its brand. Company culture represents your brand much like how you treat people represents your personality.

Craft Versus WordPress: An Agency’s Philosophical Stance on CMS

We have been testing and reiterating our CMS selection process for years. Our lead front-end developer, Ethan, has shared his insights as to why we favour one CMS over the other and what it can mean for the future of your website.

Whose Party Is This?

The story of "The People's Party of Canada" is the branding faux pas we can all learn from. And, sometimes—like the other "People's Party of Canada"—you can do everything right and still have to fight for your right... to party.

The Kingliness Of Content

Original content can help you reign over the labyrinth of finding your audience and getting them to engage with your brand. Educate and inspire them and your followers will be loyal to your domain.

Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

If you think building a brand is just about colours and fonts, you're doing it wrong. So we’re sharing the right way to approach branding.

An Expert Graphic Designer On How A Logo Is Created

This article will show you the thought process of how an expert creates a logo that supports a successful brand.

What’s Up (Or Down) With Your Brand? A Brand Refresh Guide Book.

Your brand was probably awesome at one point, or at least it was pretty good. Does it still hold up, though? Here’s a quick glance guide to help you decide if it’s time for a refresh.

You’re Working In Agile; Why Aren’t You Using Venture Design?

Venture Design is a term commonly heard and often misunderstood. How are companies actually using this to their advantage and reaping the benefits?

A Guide To Cannabis Advertising

Whether a licensed producer, storefront or an investor, it's important to understand best practices in cannabis advertising.

The Ugly Side That Beauty Brands Risk Facing Online

When cosmetic companies gets caught up in a social media storm, there's only one way to make it out in one piece.