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Ethan Zhang

Front-end Developer

Ethan (Runhang) believes that the Web is not only a platform for information exchange but an incarnation of ideas, creativity and arts. And as a developer, he sees his role in making those ideas real. Born in Northwestern China, Ethan’s fascination with computers began at age six, when he tried to open Minesweeper using DOS commands on his mom’s Windows 95 machine. 

Since then, Ethan’s curiosity about the digital world exploded and, eventually, overflowed into the analog reality, driving him to move from his hometown to Vancouver. At Skyrocket, Ethan keeps himself busy creating outstanding digital experiences for our clients, whether it’s a digital campaign, a website or a multi-platform app. If you don’t see him next time you come to the office, he probably bolted to the nearest TV screen to watch an AC Milan game.