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Skyrocket Digital is a branding and web design agency that works with organizations worldwide to help brands build authentic connections with audiences. Our core team is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Mo Dhaliwal

Director of Strategy, Founder

Mo is the visionary that guides our work at Skyrocket. As the Director of Strategy, his power lies in his ability to imagine greatness for our clients and to enroll them into a vision that not only follows best practices in technology and business, but is sustainable in the long term.

Lance Montgomery

Managing Director

Lance oversees agency operations, keeping us on target and ensuring that we are delivering value to our clients. He positions the agency for growth by developing and implementing processes and workflows that make us more efficient and leverage our strengths.

Gwen Waring

Operations Manager

Even and collected, Gwen is a maestro at organization, process, and managing multiple priorities.

Michal Fupso

Lead Software Engineer

Grounded and able to visualize outcomes, Michal manages web and application development projects at Skyrocket.

Daniel Hernandez Pinto

Project Manager

Focused on efficiency and programmed to adapt, Daniel helps us keep our clients happy by keeping projects on schedule, on budget and flowing smoothly.

Erica Schaub


A resilient and seasoned creative, Erica is an artist and problem-solver rolled into one. As Designer, Erica turns vision into visual design that is both functional and beautiful for our clients.

Lucie Mink

Brand Copywriter

Aligning vision and audience, Lucie is the voice for our clients at Skyrocket. As Brand Copywriter, Lucie approaches brand development with a strategic mind and a healthy dose of inspiration.

Nina Petrovova

Director of Client Services

Balancing planning and execution, Nina is a true advocate for our clients. As Account Strategist, she is dedicated to knowing our clients deeply and understanding how brands want to show up in the world.

Shan Dhaliwal

Account Strategist

Demonstrating a passion for new knowledge and a commitment to delivering quality work, Shan is sharp and decisive when it comes to taking care of our clients.

Amanda Tucci

Account Strategist

Amanda approaches client relationships with curiosity and dedication. As Account Strategist, she works to deeply understand our clients’ business objectives, while keeping projects organized and on course.
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