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Strategists, Designers, Engineers & Marketers

We're all T-shaped people and we eradicate the line that separates agency and client. We integrate with you and your operations to work as one team.

We establish transparency at every level, from billing to scope management and execution for our work. Together, we identify priorities, overcome challenges and leverage opportunities for success. By forming a meaningful connection with you and applying our creative, divergent thinking, we bring insight and unique perspective into every realm with speed and agility.

Jamie Windell

Account Strategist

Minna Schendlinger

Operations Manager

Kayan Hui

Research Manager

Mo Dhaliwal

Director of Strategy

Yulia Havron

Director of Client Services

Chloe Lu

Project Coordinator

Kaveh R. Kia

Director of Partnerships, MENA Region

Kris Chichak

Account Strategist

The centre of the Skyrocket universe, our core team members are tightly integrated, providing leadership and creativity in every engagement. The core team embodies innovative, entrepreneurial thinking—the pilots critical to every journey.