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Pioneers, Storytellers & Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, the world’s finest creative minds have been lone wolves, bastions of independent thought, folks who need to lock themselves up in a room to develop something astounding.

Hemingways we are not—we need team, we thrive off each other. We work in an open-source world, where transparency and the sharing of knowledge make things better for everyone. We work to create stuff that people are attracted to, stuff that inspires people.

Mo Dhalival

Director of Strategy

Zeeshan Rasool

Product Architect

Rory Braatvedt

Director of Client Services

Caleb Lam

Junior Designer

Marie Lamouret

UX/UI Designer

Kei Ogasawara

Visual Designer

Christine Brett

Opportunity Manager

Jill Greenwood

Digital Account Strategist

Ethan Zhang

Front-end Developer

Kathy Lee

Digital Account Strategist

Kellen McGerrigle

Studio Manager