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Just having finished with our last year’s Brand Prize winner, Hello Tractor, we are announcing five newly shortlisted startups to compete for Skyrocket’s Brand Prize 2015. Our objective hasn’t changed. We would love to see more social-minded startups make an impact on the world and are ready to support them with our expertise in branding and design, gratis. However, our bandwidth is limited, so we can only choose one. Starting later this fall, the winner would work with us to develop a Visual Identity and Branding System. In the meantime, check out the shortlisted candidates below.

The Problem

There are 3.5 million homeless people in the U.S. on any given night, and nearly 50 million more who live below the poverty line. The current service delivery system is comprehensive but is not targeted at solving the problem, as each path out of homelessness is unique.


HandUp’s platform focuses on the basic needs, which, when overlooked, could become barriers to escaping homelessness. Members have the option to donate to crowdfunding goals set by people in need or purchase HandUp Gift Cards that could be redeemed for necessities through HandUp’s network of well-respected social service organizations, ensuring the funds are used on critical needs like housing, medical care and employment expenses.  |  @HandUp

The Problem

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is healthy and saves money; but it’s difficult to start, and there are many questions: how, where and when to grow.


My Green Space provides all the necessary tutorials and notifications precisely when you need them, allowing beginner and intermediate gardeners alike to learn step by step and maximize their harvest. The company is working towards the future of resilient local food economies enjoying healthier, more nutritious food.  |  @MyGreenSpaceVan

The Problem

With the exception of online applications, college selection process hasn’t improved in the last 50 years. Due to poor initial selection, one in three students has to change colleges during their studies.


LivCollege gives prospective applicants the opportunity to visit current students in their school of choice to get a real experience before committing to a decision.  |  @LivCollege

The Problem

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is harmful to our skin, causing sunburns, skin-aging and skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in North America, affecting 1 in 5 people.

Sunscreen stops UV exposure, but the SPF value doesn’t provide a clear indication of how long the protection lasts. Moreover, different outside activities, skin types and perspiration levels make it extremely difficult for people to know when their sunscreen has worn off.


Suncayr has developed a colour-changing marker that gives an easy visual warning when the protection has worn off. Just draw a picture and apply the sunscreen—couldn’t be easier!  |  @Suncayr

Shareshed 1600X500

The Problem

An economy of excess consumption leaves a lot of waste, is bad for the environment and mostly benefits large corporations. In addition, not everyone has the funds to buy equipment for every new activity they want to try.


ShareShed is a sharing platform that allows for a world of unlimited access to adventure, gives people the opportunity to get outside, experience nature and provides a 21st century solution to the archaic $120 billion outdoor adventure gear rental industry.  |  @ShareShed

That’s it. But next steps…

We need some time to interview all the shortlisted candidates and go through the internal decision-making process. The winner is going to be announced on our blog on September 24.

Have an opinion on who should win? Message us @skyrkt, we would love to hear it.

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