Perfection of Design by Apple

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Perfection: the action or process of improving something until it is faultless (Oxford Dictionary Definition).

With delicate, flowing music and the use of short, punchy adjectives; this video takes us through a powerful journey of feeling. It is clear and intentional with only a scarcely noticeable display of irony. The imperfection displayed discretely in the line, “There are a thousand no’s” (correct grammar: noes) intentionally speaks louder than the rest of the poem.

“Confusing abundance with choice” reflects the fact that something can become more simplified, yet more useful. This defines the approach that one of the world’s most powerful brands has taken to design. Apple’s most recent iPhone 5c advertisement, for example, highlights the fact that care and consideration translate into a stunning user experience. The experience can be continually refined and redefined, but it must be powerful, intuitive and “beautifully unapologetic”.

As much as the incorrect usage of grammar in the video is simple and barely noticeable - it is significant and meaningful - which is the message at the heart of  design itself.

Design takes time, focus and intention to “perfect”.

If achieving “perfection” is considered by many people an impossibility; and if each “perfect” product has it’s own “imperfection”, then how can anybody really perfect anything?

You can’t. Perfection is relative. Perfection is just a moment in time.

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