An Expert Graphic Designer On How A Logo Is Created

No fluff, just the facts

Research at length

1. Look into the specific field of what you’re branding, who the audience is

2. Deep-dive into whatever it is you’re branding for

    a. Look at other designs within the same ‘world’

     b. Both inside and outside the field

3. Imagine the audience. What are their habits? What do they seek out in terms of aesthetics, culture, activities etc.? Look at the things they look at- inhabit their world

4. Find visual references for design/art as a source for inspiration. Go to an actual library or nearby bookstore- the history of visual art is vast and contextual in the way that Pinterest or Tumblr isn’t

Sketch it out

1. Start with physical media or really rough digital sketches

2. Work through concepts, keywords, or any observations from your research.

3. Try different mediums- don’t commit to just pencils or thin ink lines or digital vectors. If you’re drawing things with a pencil, then try an approach that will give you big shapes quickly.

4. Primarily work in two-tone - your final design should work in black and white. But don’t be too shy with colours if it makes sense & connects to your research

5. Make hundreds of sketches - seriously

6. A good logo is a conveyance of something, rather than a graphic designer showing off, saying ‘look what I can do!’ Don’t to be too clever, or too crafted in your designs, unless the design calls for this approach through your research. Try not to limit yourself to a bag of tricks.

Mid-high fidelity logo design

1. Find the sketches that are most resonant and build up from there

2. Start refining designs digitally, each with possible variations

Avoid burn out

1. Take some time to mull over your designs. Return to designs later in the day/week/month- your perspective may change, or a new perspective may have emerged

2. Some of the best ideas happen when you’re just observing, doing something non-design related

3. Things can change as you’re transforming a design to vector. Don’t miss out an opportunity to generate a new design when you’re at mid-high fidelity stage

Finalize logo

1. High fidelity finish- this is the stage to share and discuss with your partner, client or whomever you’d like feedback from

2. Be ready to listen for the whys in the feedback and make revisions

3. Agency standards are typically 2-4 revisions

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