Web Development for Capaciti

We had 3 days

Capaciti is a blockchain-powered recruitment platform for the world’s best tech teams. They found us through another blockchain client that understood that time to market is essential for emerging industries. They were a fresh startup three days away from a huge tech conference, where they expected to speak with potential investors by the hundreds.

However, like most startups, they had very little time to spend on marketing. Armed with a basic logo and not much else, we needed to convey the value of Capaciti in the quickest way possible.

Applying the Pareto Principle

We leaned on our friend, the Pareto Principle - a rule of thumb which suggests 80% of the value is generated by 20% of the activities that produce value. We didn’t have time to build a brand system that could underpin our marketing efforts, nor did we have time to comprehensively research and position Capaciti in the market. So, we spoke with the key stakeholders to discover the core of their brand, and extracted key benefits and features from the old Capaciti website. We crafted this into something resembling a brand promise, and expanded the value propositions around it. Now we needed an avenue to convey this value with prospects, so we got to work building a simple landing page in Webflow with a UX designed around the investor persona.

The recipe for 80% value

Within three days, our landing page was up and ready to tell a compelling story on the conference floor. We started with the highest level value proposition, expanded on that with a description of benefits, explained the performance of these benefits through features, then proved their credibility through client logos and trust-building stories around the company.

These loosely represent the 3 Stages of a Typical Buying Process (i.e. The Buyer's Journey)... it is the journey buyers to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new product or service, and it consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and the decision. We’ve channeled the prospect’s existing desire to find the next revenue-generating blockchain company, and filtered them through a simple marketing mix that worked wonders.

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