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Voltaic produce portable solar chargers and batteries. Armed with the power of the sun our intrepid explorer has the energy to go deeper into the remote regions of our planet. Aimed at photographers, journalists, adventurers and anyone who needs to charge their phone, Voltaic offer a range of solar chargers to suite all your charging needs.

Voltaic chargers are beautifully made and fill a gap in the market, but they are actually offering so much more than even that: the ability to go further and last longer than ever before. Voltaic power the tools you need to document your story.

Wattage powered search

For the most part the bigger the device, the more solar panels you need and the bigger the battery required to store a full charge. All product specs were closely examined to design information architecture which informed us that this product matrix would support dual search.

The result allows the viewer to simultaneously search in two ways: by the device they want to power and by type of charger they need. With one search, we deliver a suite of product options that perfectly match their device needs and product preference. With the use of custom icons, to further speed up selection, we will have you floating down the Amazon River working on your next masterpiece in no time.

Ecommerce by Skyrocket

Field notes

Most organizations have to develop strategy for content, with a rolodex of writers, pulling on trending stories in the hopes to create a blog that will captivate their audience.

In contrast, Voltaics blog all but writes itself with product owners taking solar power to the four corners of the globe. We created “Field Notes” – handpicked and curated stories, with inspirational imagery to showcase the products in all their rugged glory, as the explorer sets off into the wild.

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We spoke about powerful search, but now that you have found the suitable product, you need to know how everything works, just how much charge it will give your various devices and how to get this thing into your hands as quickly as possible.  The responsive design looks sharp on all devices, serving substantiating information to aid the purchase. One page checkout is fast and easy, completing the experience which aims to mimic the ease and hands on feeling you get from high street retail.

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