E-Commerce for Gallant & Jones

A European classic brought to North America

After falling in love with deckchairs from the UK, two entrepreneurial ladies began handcrafting beautiful deckchairs. Realizing that there was no other company providing similar products anywhere in North America, the ladies of Gallant & Jones needed to develop a new distribution strategy to take advantage of this untapped market.

Flagship online

Having expanded the product range offered and focusing its sales strategy on direct-to-consumer, Gallant & Jones required a new e-commerce store to reach a wider audience. The online storefront also required a sophisticated aesthetic that mirrors the cosmopolitan product.

Crafted with love

With the use of hand-drawn icons to capture Gallant & Jones handmade quality, a responsive shopping experience was developed to exhibit the beautiful products. The e-commerce store allows Gallant & Jones to manage its inventory, products, shipping, and custom care.

Products that tell the story

Their flagship online store features crisp, bold images that capture the elegance of the crafts(wo)manship, the shopper has a clear understanding of the experience they will enjoy. The two women’s nurtured business has come of age.


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