Branding for PreShow

Made for live events

Since Shakespeare’s time, live events have been driven by physical scripts that are edited by hand, duplicated and distributed like clockwork. Scriptivate Systems sought to disrupt the way theatre and live event professionals collaborated and produced their shows. The company had the back-end technology and a general idea of their audience, but needed a cohesive, branded experience to bring their product to market.

Used by professionals

Extensive persona development and use-cases provided the litany of user flows and problem scenarios necessary to map all possible permutations of the customer journey through the application. Through this process, the User Experience was defined and target industry verticals identified to position the application as the requisite tool to support the success of every live event.

Only what the user needs

To simplify the User Experience, all the application features were modularized. Layers of complexity were left up to the discretion of the user, creating an interface that was a balance between form and function.

A brand

We arrived at the name PreShow to communicate a brand that reflects the power product and is well positioned to own the space of live event planning. Animated videos were also developed to highlight to potential users why they should use the software – a complex product, needs a simple value proposition.

With a story

PreShow represents a perfect harmony between product, audience, commercialization, and brand. We are proud not only with the end result, but because of the gratitude and fulfillment seen in our client during the relationship.


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