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Numinus is a network of transformative health clinics offering treatments like psychedelic psychotherapy and holotropic breathwork with integrative medical therapies like neurofeedback, acupuncture, massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathic medicine and more.

Numinus is an upcoming network of transformative health clinics, with a purpose to treat patients across Canada using transformational treatments like psychedelic psychotherapy and holotropic breathwork, combined with integrative medical therapies like neurofeedback, acupuncture, massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathic medicine and more. With such a progressive take on healthcare, their brand needed to reflect the same level of trust found in traditional medicine alongside a clear transformational edge — a task that’s easier said than done.

It starts with conceptualization

The canvas was completely blank for us. After a considerable investment in discovery and research around Numinus and their industry, we were ready to make our first stroke. We began by uncovering the core of their essence: transformation. From there we found a strong parallel between Numinus’ mission and the age of Enlightenment, where science, reason and humanism started to shape how humans perceived the world. Re-shaping how people see themselves and the world around them is exactly what Numinus is doing, so the period of the Enlightenment became a foundational element of the creative direction.

One particular product of the period of Enlightenment that jumped out to our creative team was Taxonomy. The beautiful illustrations produced by the early scientific community as the Western world began to document and classify life on Earth was a perfect balance of science and wonder. It was during this process that we found botanical illustrations and their definitions, which resonated with our initial concept of reformation - after all, that’s exactly the journey and end-goal of a flower, a kind of magic that happens regardless of what gets in the way. From here, it was a simple bridge to connect this magic with the trusted power of science.

Connecting the dots

With the graphical elements in place, we started to explore how colours could bring about an approachable, warm and welcoming feeling instead of the traditional cold colours of medicine. We landed very quickly on an earthy colour palette, which also speaks to some of the more natural methods of treatment Numinus uses without being overbearing or too clinical.

We complimented the colour palette with a traditional typeface, hailing back to the “old taxonomy journal” style that connected our brand to the original concept. With a few minor tweaks, we were able to present a look and feel that still felt contemporary with a sans serif font.

Finally, the logo itself borrowed from a simple and clean aesthetic, originally derived from a road sign you might see driving down the Californian coast. The generous use of space and the easy to read typeface makes it accessible and welcoming.

The finished result

When all of the individual components came together, the brand system felt just right. The business model of Numinus blends traditional and alternative medicine, with the idea of transformation bridging the gap — it’s not something that can simply be stamped with a logo and sent into the marketplace. So, how does that come across visually?

When looking at the brand in context, the feelings evoked should be calm, caring, and welcoming with a hint of scientific breakthrough and a peppering of personal transformation. We believe this is a strong impression to form long-lasting, trusted relationships with patients across North-America.

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