App UX and UI for Mio Alpha Wearable Technology

Santa Clara

United States

Founded in 1999, Mio Labs Inc. is the creator of performance wearables designed to empower fitness-minded individuals with new adaptive training insights that help them optimize training and performance. Their award-winning, patented technology reads EKG-accurate heart rate data at performance level speeds without the need for a chest strap.


MIO Alpha is, in many ways, revolutionary. Unique technology developed in collaboration with Phillips was transformed into the overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter campaign and followed by international awards and recognition.

Alpha is the most advanced wearable heart rate monitor on the market. It eliminates the need for a chest strap, continuously delivering precise readings to your wrist with unparalleled accuracy and comfort, even during high performance activities.

The only thing Alpha lacked was a proper place on the web. *sound of Skyrocket unholstering design tools*

Upward Trajectory

We had to aim high. Alpha was a leap forward in technology that changed the vision of the company—heart rate, reinvented. In similar fashion, the web experience we would create for them had to change the perception of what a microsite could be—in this case, a tone for MIO’s future.  After a lot of brainstorming (and coffee. But mostly brainstorming.), our idea was to step away from the traditional top to bottom scrolling and, instead, create an immersive environment that draws visitors in while giving them tools to fully control the experience.  We designed the website to be engaging by unfolding the story of Alpha’s offering in a breakthrough manner, thanks to the Parallax technology.

Transforming Time into Pixels

We began by creating animations. Our designers spent many hours tweaking the timing, ensuring that new information and imagery arrived at appropriate moments, just as the visitor was ready to explore more features of the watch. Once perfected, we replaced time with pixels and handed off the control of the unveil to the visitor, so they could take themselves on a journey of discovery.

Stay in the Zone, Perform at Your Peak

“Heart rate training is the single, most effective tool that endurance athletes have to measure to control the intensity of their workouts…”—Jan Howard, PTA, USATF Level 1, RRCA-Certified Marathon Coach.  Certainly not rocket science, but athletes do need a quick tool to calculate the optimal zone for an upcoming workout. We built the Zone Calculator that Alpha owners can rely on to quickly find the appropriate heart rate and get out there to reach it.

See for Yourself

Within the constraints of the scope of the project, Skyrocket succeeded in creating an immersive experience that beautifully tells the story of MIO Alpha, a technological marvel and a must-have tool for anyone engaged in high-performance training.

We were so delighted with the result that we kept the website on our server, so you too could enjoy the same journey, years into the future. And, by all means, do.

TECH: Static HTML, Javascript/jQuery Parallax, Amazon CloudFront deployment

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