An intricate visual identity for Precision OS



“We thoroughly enjoyed the design process with Skyrocket when we needed our logo redesigned. Their team came to us with a very well thought out design and clear story behind it. As a student of graphic design myself, I believe a good logo needs to work on several layers, and the Skyrocket team gave us this. They left us with clear brand and visual guidelines that we use to this day.” - Roberto Oliveira, Founder & CCO


Noticing a gap between rapidly advancing medical technology and dated educational and hospital infrastructures, Danny Goel started Precision OS as a high-fidelity VR platform that gives surgeons-in-training the opportunity to bootstrap their knowledge. Using just a headset and their hands, surgeons can now explore and rehearse actual patient-specific procedures in virtual reality before touching the patient.


How can we create a visual identity that not only encaptures the brand values and unique proposition, but also stands out as a top-notch surgical tech platform in the medical industry?


Following previous branding framework and strategy sessions from Skyrocket, the tone of voice for Precision OS was poised, confident, and inspiring. The next step in creating a solidified brand was to replicate the same characteristics through the fonts, logo, colours, and photography. We introduced the Tangram puzzle as an overarching theme for VR due to its symbolism in infinite possibilities, creativity, as well as paying homage to the ancient foundations of education.


The Tangram puzzle is a 2D rearrangement puzzle made out of 7 polygons, called tans, which can then be replicated into an endless variety of patterns and silhouettes. The logo was made from this idea: building a cube structure using 7 polygons with infinite spaces and 6 different shades of blue. An alternate logo, the P, follows the same style. 

Three different versions of Precision OS's logo
The "P" logo is made up of 7 different geometric shapes
The Tangram Puzzle

Similar to the Tangram puzzle, virtual reality also allows its users to have infinite possibilities, open to individual imagination and creativity. The use of virtual reality is endless as well, as surgeons are able to have more practice for their craft through VR simulations than real life situations. Here, we are using the philosophy of the Tangram puzzle to create icons related to orthopaedic surgery.

All of the icons for Precision OS are made up of 7 different geometric shapes, replicating the philosophy of the Tangram Puzzle.

For surgeons, sight is critically important. Precision's brand colours were chosen for this reason - to reduce the stimulus to the eyes of surgeons. The primary colours are a simple blue, black, and white, but there are six alternative shades of blue. Blue is also known to be a calming and sophisticated colour, symbolizing trust and reliability, which is exactly what we wanted the brand to represent as a cutting-edge VR platform.

A suite of fonts has been selected to embody the brand voice. Chosen for their aesthetic value, they carry the essence of the visual identity throughout the brand’s messaging. Precision's typeface, Objectivity, is quiet, restrained, and academic. 


Using the intricacy of the Tangram puzzle to create the logo and icons, Precision OS’s visual identity communicates the essence of "sharp" consistently through a mix of graphical elements. Its unique look and feel differentiates the brand from other competitors in the market while increasing perception of value and brand recognition among surgeons and the medical community. After 2-3 weeks with no revisions needed, Precision OS was ready to go into market with their new visual identity.

Business card mockups
Example of print poster for Precision OS
Digital mockups for Precision OS

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