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Yulia Havron

Director of Client Services

Yulia’s life is guided by the motto ‘change is good’. Born and raised in Ukraine, she has moved to 18 locations over the course of 9 years. Yulia’s travels has brought her to live in the United States, Lithuania, France, and most recently Canada. During her studies of International Business Administration from the University of Lithuania, Yulia particularly enjoyed her exchange in Lyons, France.

Since then, Yulia has facilitated industry award winning digital strategies  working with a diverse set of clients, including the United Nations, Mitsubishi and Electrolux. At Skyrocket, Yulia is committed to overseeing client happiness, guiding the agency’s account strategy team and refining process for improved workflow. When not increasing efficiency at the workplace, you can find Yulia on a sunny beach, or behind her sewing machine.