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Hassaan Rahim

Project Manager

Even by Skyrocket standards, Hassaan is an avid traveller having already been to 34 countries. Hassaan was born in Pakistan and, being an army child, moved to a new city every two to three years. At an early age, he was particularly drawn to digital media and its ability to influence positive change. Although Hassaan eventually came to Canada with the goal of pursuing an education in medicine, he found his calling and graduated in communications with a focus in digital media.

With five plus years of project management under his belt, Hassaan is now a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with experience delivering for non-profits, social enterprises, environmental initiatives.

At Skyrocket, Hassaan looks forward to building the future of work. Outside of the agency,

When not auditing tickets and configuring JIRA, you can find Hassaan spending time with his family including a new baby boy, planning the next roadtrip. Hassaan is as an avid cricketer, in fact he was chosen for the Pakistan U-15 team and has played for the BC cricket team.