Social Marketing

Everything is social

Younger people don't talk about 'social networks', they talk about the web — everything is social. It’s a new era where social goes well beyond ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘share’. People are sharing their personal stories about how they interact with your product or service. Subsequently, information, goods and services are tailored specifically to their interests. The ‘social’ component of the user experience is incidental.

Nodes, connections and data

We’re experiencing a new level of inter-connectedness. Beyond websites and apps, there is technology that makes aspects of the digital world seem ‘aware’. The web ecosystem is a living thing, because it’s populated with living things — us. And as we gather more information on a daily basis, the dynamic transfer of ideas, issues and shared knowledge is all around us. There’s beauty in data, it changes the way we observe things and what we know about each other. And the more we explore, share and create, the more useful and valuable this information becomes.

Open Graph

Facebook’s Open Graph is a powerful tool for brands, promoting true engagement with your audience. Through it you can see what’s being shared, how it’s being shared and by whom, to gain a better understanding of your fans. Using this data, brands can then determine what their audience is listening to, reading, watching and sharing. This makes for relevant messaging and compelling conversations that truly foster connections between your brand and your audience.


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