Minimum Viable Product

Validation of the idea, quick!

We don’t want you to burn your budget on a product that no one will want to use or pay for. The fact is, startups are a tricky business. Your product needs to be validated and in customer’s hands ASAP. A Minimum Viable Product focuses our efforts on developing the core features required to test your product and determine whether it has traction with potential customers. We’ll even craft you a knockout elevator pitch to help you sell the sizzle and succinctly articulate the value proposition of your product.

Focus on business value

We embrace your business vision and through our process, we incorporate it into a coherent plan. Then, adopting a wide-angle view of your product and destined market, we ensure that our response is in line with the user’s needs. Ultimately we try and deliver solutions before we encounter problems. It helps us to establish which features deliver the most joy to your customers and the most value to you.

A lightweight product development plan

Through the systematic analysis of your product we’re able to determine and prioritize the minimum amount of features required to drive adoption. This process also yields a roadmap for your product development, allowing us to focus on building the stuff that generates maximum impact with minimal investment. Then, we iterate and release new versions where appropriate — all based on consumer needs and business value.


Elevator Pitch
Lean Canvas
Business Value Assessment
Story Mapping
Product Backlog
Product Roadmap
Sprint Planning