Minimum Viable Brand™

In the absence of angel investors and venture capitalists, things in a startup can get real, and quickly. With growth comes complexity, and priorities inevitably change. The truth is, not everyone has the resources required to develop and perfect a brand. Here, we recommend a Minimum Viable Brand™. The MVB™ approach shortcuts some of the research and analysis associated with full brand development yet still provides the tools to move your brand forward.

A focus on brand positioning

Positioning is at the very heart of your brand. It is the DNA of your business. The correct positioning is a potent step in brand development, allowing you to direct your marketing with purpose and meaning. The result is a solid brand platform that leaves plenty of room to iterate and evolve. A clearly defined brand positioning will continue to guide your product development, brand development and marketing strategy. It allows you to find, define and maintain your voice.

A lightweight brand system

Every brand, big or small needs a clear, visually memorable identity system for easy recognition. We start with a wordmark — a logo or symbol that stands for your product, company or service. With it in place, we can select the appropriate mix of design elements to get your brand ‘out there’. It’s a considered approach that provides the perfect platform on which to build your identity and your brand. It may be lightweight but it still packs a punch.


MVB™ Branding Systems
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