App Development

Apps solve problems and provide value

Apps have changed the game. And at Skyrocket, delivering high value is certainly part of our game plan. We focus on the best way to meet your users’ needs, whether this means a web application, an iOS app, or a combination of the two. Application development offers the opportunity to create something new. Something unique that just wasn’t possible before. We combine industry-leading design expertise and proven business acumen to accomplish that mission in truly spectacular ways.

Your audience

To survive and thrive you have to really know your customers. What do they need? Where do they need it? We believe that knowing your audience is as important as the idea. We have a lean and mean approach, to quickly hone in on the features and platforms that deliver the most value for your users in the shortest period of time. Yes we’ll “build it” for your audience, but we’ll also help you reach them. And once we’re there, we can observe and get to know them a whole lot better.

Your market

It’s an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving landscape. Understanding your market is absolutely critical for success, it gives us insight into where your opportunity lays. We all know the competition for screen space is fierce: it’s a jungle out there. That’s why we use genuine human insights to guide us and help us create apps that are of real use and value — stuff your audience wants (has) to spend time with.


Hybrid Apps
Ruby on Rails
Lean Canvas
Scrum & Kanban
Automated Acceptance Tests
Continuous Integration & Deployment