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Minimum Viable Brand

Your intro to MVB

Minimum Viable Brand is a lean branding process for startups. Applying the concept of MVP to brand, we deliver the most key brand elements your company needs in a matter of weeks.

During the five week MVB Program, you’ll work with our branding specialists to develop strategic messaging and polished collateral that resonates with your target audience and captures investor attention.

From our experience working for years with new ventures, to be market-ready a startup needs:

• Discovery Workshop (a powwow on your vision, mission, values)
• Value Proposition Design (key messages)
• Visual Identity (logo, colour palette, typography)
• Brand Toolbox (assets, guidelines, pitch deck)
• Landing Page (a digital space to direct investors and early adopters)

MVB works within the parameters of no time, little budget and a need to have a brand asap that stands out from the crowd. For details on pricing, timeline and deliverables, download our MVB package below. Take a read through and get in touch if you like what you see!

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