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We develop compelling brand strategies and deliver beautiful user experiences. Through this, we power our client brands with clarity and impact.

Situated in the heart of downtown right beside the Skytrain, our office is surrounded by great food and amenities and is easily accessed from any part of the city. Our office is an open concept space filled with creative people making a difference. We have a full kitchen where we prepare (and share!) delicious home cooked meals and gather for Friday happy hour drinks. We enjoy group lunches, team outings to cultural and industry events, and celebrating achievements and special occasions together.

Skyrocket is a highly collaborative workplace; one where everyone has the opportunity to take their work to the next level. Our team is small and cross-functional, so you will be surrounded by a wide range of perspectives.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about creating great work, so please drop us a line—who knows—we might invite you down for our Friday beers…

Current Openings

Digital Account Strategist

Who exactly are we?

We are a digital branding agency based in downtown Vancouver. In a multi-device, multi-screen and multi-context digital world, our mission at Skyrocket is to create stuff that blurs the lines between product and service, the emotional and functional, the real world and the digital. Using best of breed tools and technologies, we deliver design and strategy that help our clients flourish in the digital economy. The core of what we do is in designing for tomorrow.

We love what we do, always pushing the envelope and always asking questions. We are a highly collaborative team, a team in which everyone has the opportunity to take their work to the next level. The crew is relatively small, sporting a wide and diverse range of skills and personalities that gives the office a unique charm. The products we ship reflect everything we stand for, and our clients love us for it. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders, attracting new business and acting as a spotlight for our talented city.

We’re Skyrocket.

Who exactly are you?

You’re a digital native, born from the expansive fallopian tubes of technology. You also have a love for branding, understanding how the intricacies of branding and digital weave together in this strange and slightly disturbing parental analogy.

You have your finger on the pulse of digital, marketing, branding and business news, with your go-to device quite literally at arm’s reach. Even better, your arm is a device because you’re part cyborg. You enjoy working closely with other people— team members, clients or partners. Your attention to detail is precise, your reflexes swift and your juggling skills are legendary. You know your way around a few acronyms, including CRM, CMS, UX, UI and almost any other combination the industry decides to coin. You appreciate a good laugh, a good business sense and a good exposed brick. You’re a fan of a good brew (beer, coffee or any other liquid that exists outside of those, if such things exist), you eat office snacks on the reg and enjoy sharing all the cool shit you find on the internet (every Friday). If you’re still reading this, you’re probably a good fit already.

What to expect

On the day-to-day, you’ll work alongside our Client Services team and use your organizational skills to manage multiple accounts, maintain relationships and stay on top of the to-do list. Week-to-week, you’ll manage your time against timelines and budgets – fielding the inevitable curve ball here and there. Month-to-month, you’ll forge strong relationships with new and existing clients, adding strategic value to the external accounts but also sharing knowledge internally with the team. From time to time, you’ll even get to wear different hats and toques by going to social networking events, writing for our blog or maybe even showing off a hidden talent (we have exactly one magician in the office right now).

The Basics

  • Degree in Business, Marketing, Sales, Communications or equivalent experience
  • Three to five years of experience in Account Management
  • Strong working knowledge of digital production processes
  • A high level of initiative, taking responsibility for client needs and wants
  • Critical thinking with strong literacy, analytical and administrative skills
  • Strategic problem-solver, using research, data and consultation to solve problems

The Ideal Candidate

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Confident, personable and persuasive, with the ability to form lasting professional relationships
  • Passion for learning and growing skills in a dynamic, lean, team-oriented environment
  • Willingness to take ownership of projects and see them through to completion
  • The ability to handle multiple projects at once and remain focused on priorities under pressure
  • Detail-oriented, with the ability to look forward at the big picture
  • A strong understanding of  how to uncover the root cause to challenges
  • Can understand and share a vision to align people as necessary

Apply Now


Lead Developer

Skyrocket is looking for a lead developer with a rock solid understanding of what it takes to build modern web products. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable working within a scrum-based project management system, and someone who can communicate why uni-directional dataflow or unit-testing would be valuable to a client. Our ideal candidate is an expert in Javascript, and has a deep understanding of functional programming and modular code design. Above all though, this person is a leader, someone who is comfortable communicating complex ideas to clients and designers alike, someone who can curate a smooth, simple, and consistent development experience for a team made up of remote workers and in-house developers.

Our Work:

We love creating impact, and that is reflected in who we work with. Our clients span a spectrum ranging from a large-scale 3D printing startup to the National Sikh Campaign. This presents us with a diverse set of challenges changing with every project.

To face these challenges we’ve chosen technologies that allow us to be flexible and deliver unique features. Depending on the situation we’ve used tools like VueJS, Laravel and CraftCMS. The backbone of our entire workflow is Docker, which sees us through local development all the way to servers running on AWS.

Some examples of our recent work:

At Skyrocket we focus on personal growth and high value work. We encourage every member of our team to take ownership and be self-motivated. Our Lead Developer will be proactive about making improvements to our workflow, meticulous in designing and documenting our processes, and passionate about learning and sharing knowledge—all the way to scheduling “Lunch and Learn Sessions,” where they share their expertise on a subject with everyone else on the team.