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for growth and transformation.

Behemoth enterprises and sprightly new startups alike are looking for clarity and impact. The most effective ventures understand the importance of a well defined brand for profound team alignment and highly differentiated positioning in the marketplace.

Ready to go? So are we.

Let’s bring some clarity and impact to your brand.

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The Best Brands...

...are the nexus of three powerful elements of a business: a verbal identity, a visual identity and a rich experience.

Verbal identity describes who you are and the world you’re about to create. It’s the linguistic framework that organizes your arsenal of messages, and aligns your entire organization around your vision and purpose.

Visual identity establishes the relationship between you and your audiences. It’s the symbols, graphic devices and aesthetic that evoke emotion and action in your audience. 

The brand identity is infused into every moment of the customer experience, from content, to website to your physical space—how your employees interact with your customers.

A brand creates the connection to your company’s essence. Properly executed, every single aspect of your organization becomes more powerful through a cohesive branding strategy.

50 Is A Good Number.

We act as the mirror to see clearly and crystalize a vision. Over the past eight years, we’ve become masters of expertly diving deeply into people and organizations to uncover gems of insight that form strategic direction and creative solutions.

Our roster of 50+ brands would agree. 

Advantage Capital

We partnered with Advantage Capital to bring the comany's story and UX to life, creating a corporate branding strategy and website for more human communication.

Advantage Capital Case Study Assets Recovered 04
VU: defy reality

This virtual reality conference in Vancouver needed an inspiring new vision that would give rise to investment and collaboration for the space. We worked with them to come up with powerful new positioning, a fresh name and a cohesive brand identity.

Vu Img

As a complex and sophisticated supply chain management brand, Vancouver based, Venzee needed a way to align their dozens of remote teams around a central vision, strategy and language. After significant research and interviewing, we presented a 34 page brand book with everything they needed. Alignment, complete.

Venzee Mockup3
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Our Process

1. Journey to the Centre

As a branding company, we know that a strong brand says a lot with very little. So, we start by knowing a lot. Our first step is the discovery phase, where we deploy our facilitation ninjas to squeeze every ounce of insight from each aspect of your business. We ask the hard questions in pursuit of your “why”, so come rested. With coffee.

2. Scan the Environment

You need to stand out from the competition, that’s a no-brainer. To do this, we get to know everything we can about your industry, and identify all the gaps and opportunities that will catapult your brand to the forefront of the target’s mind.

3. Language for a New World

Understanding and alignment is achieved through language. We use strategic tools to articulate the insights we’ve gleaned, forming the foundation of the branding strategy by outlining its vision, mission, purpose, value proposition, key messages, positioning statement, and target audience. We describe the world we’re about to create.

4. Dynamic Development

What comes first, copy or design? Wrong question. How do copy and design work together to push each other into the most powerful solution available? Better. After the foundation is laid, the production of the visual and verbal elements happens simultaneously, creatively influencing each other as new ideas emerge to form a holistic branding strategy.

5. Concept Launch

The old cliche of a “Big Idea” in marketing wasn’t wrong. When you identify the right concept, the perfect solution, everything else starts to fall into place. The end result is a cohesive brand, articulated through the synergy of a visual and verbal branding system. Now, your brand represents something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Team

We are a diverse branding agency based in Vancouver; a team of mavens joining forces to make significant global impact. We are the nerve centre powering the mission of enterprises in every corner of the Earth. Our strategists, designers and methods direct a vast network of talent, marshaling the powers of design and technology to shape human behaviour. We chart new futures from the alchemy of data and human insights. Relentless and fanatical, we are known as the mission partner who will achieve results by any means necessary.

We are Skyrocket.

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Do we seem really different? We are.

Work with us, and so will you.