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Experiences that delight us. Ideas that inform and inspire our work.

Stimulating, inspiring—confounding! We bring thoughts and insights to intrepid venture builders and enterprising brand managers that will challenge the imagination and, sometimes, fill the heart.

Skyrocket’s Brand Prize: Five Startups In The Running

We’ve picked out five startups who we believe are going to do damn good things for our world. Drumroll please…

Harley Davidson & Brand Deviation

The value of brand (i.e. brand equity) is one of the most valuable assets a company has. So, what happens when a company deviates from its established branding?

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design (AWD vs. RWD)

So, the site you built in 2001 – it’s there – it does its job. If I squint at it on my phone, it works okay. Yes, it works ‘okay’ but imagine…

The Brand Prize Winner

The votes are in and the champagne has been popped. We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our first Brand Prize …

Angels, Innovation, Awesome Shit and Coffee

Developing the brand for the inaugural Startup Week Vancouver event was an interesting challenge presented to us by Boris Mann. Startups (and the plethora of events that appeal to them) are in an interesting space with its own distinct culture…

A Day in the Life of Smartphone Users

We know we are connected. But do you realize the extent? And more importantly, how do you play into your users’ day?

LightSpeed vs. Shopify vs. Square

The best payment systems for your website are compared in this showdown between Lightspeed, Shopify and Square. We compare speed, price, practicality, user experience, and fit for your business

Perfection of design by Apple

Perfection: the action or process of improving something until it is faultless (Oxford Dictionary Definition). With delicate, flowing music and the use of short, punchy adjectives here’s a video that takes us through a powerful journey of feeling.

Mobile friendly isn’t the future of the web…

Mobile-optimized websites aren’t the platform of the future. In fact, we should probably stop talking about “mobile” and “desktop” sites altogether, and call it what it is: a website…

Startups Need a Brand Because…

Getting your brand right the first time is essential for startup success. That’s why we’re holding The Brand Prize contest for startups in North America: the winner will work with us and receive a Visual Identity and Branding System (worth $40,000) absolutely pro-bono.