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Experiences that delight us. Ideas that inform and inspire our work.

Stimulating, inspiring—confounding! We bring thoughts and insights to intrepid venture builders and enterprising brand managers that will challenge the imagination and, sometimes, fill the heart.

What’s Cookin’ In Web Design?

Trends come and go, and we know it can be tough to keep up… but fear not! Let’s dive into a few that are currently on everyone’s radar.

Branding Bud

Building a brand in a new, evolving market is an exciting challenge for a company, especially when based on a once-illegal industry.

For the Love of Jazz… and NationBuilder

We reveal how our courtship with Nationbuilder unfolded with Jazz of all things.

The Future of Vancouver’s Identity

Our UX Designer Marie Lamouret has signed, among hundreds of Vancouver design community members, an open letter that expresses her position on the new City of Vancouver logo. CBC reached out to Marie for an interview, a transcript of which we are publishing here.

What Makes Snapchat’s UX So Addictive?

Despite the obvious flaws in UX, Snapchat has risen to stardom in record time. How come? Our UX designer Marie chips in.

Launch Your Startup Right with Design Thinking (Part 1)

Startups tend to consider design last. In turn, we explore the impact early-stage human-centred design thinking can have on your endeavour.

Launch Your Startup Right with Design Thinking (Part 2)

Design. Yeah. But really, what practical influence can design have on your business?

Brand Prize 2017’s Winning Startup

The time has come. We’re ready to announce the chosen startup of 2017’s Brand Prize!

Brand Prize: Five Startups Move to The Next Round

From an incredible list of startups, the Brand Prize team reviewed and debated until five companies came out on top.