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Brand Prize 2017’s Winning Startup

The time has come. We’re ready to announce the chosen startup of 2017’s Brand Prize!

Brand Prize: Five Startups Move to The Next Round

From an incredible list of startups, the Brand Prize team reviewed and debated until five companies came out on top.

Brand Prize

Brand Prize is back for 2017! And it’s bigger and better than ever before.

Skyrocketing to Progress

Let’s talk big picture. How are we evolving today to thrive tomorrow?

And the winner is…

The wait is over, the winner is selected. Take a look at the startup we’d be helping this year.

The Brand Prize, anew

Skyrocket’s annual Brand Prize contest is in full swing. With the winner announcement in sight, we narrowed the applicant list down to five candidates.

Skyrocket’s Brand Prize: Five Startups in the Running

We’ve picked out five startups who we believe are going to do damn good things for our world. Drumroll please…

Harley Davidson & Brand Deviation

The value of brand (i.e. brand equity) is one of the most valuable assets a company has. So, what happens when a company deviates from its established branding?

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design (AWD vs. RWD)

So, the site you built in 2001 – it’s there – it does its job. If I squint at it on my phone, it works okay. Yes, it works ‘okay’ but imagine…

The Brand Prize Winner

The votes are in and the champagne has been popped. We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our first Brand Prize …