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Lean is taking over the world! (And our agency)

When creative agency services are wrapped in small, malleable chunks of gold

Lean methods maximize value and minimize costs — that’s why professionals, like ourselves, from areas as diverse as software to marketing are increasingly turning to lean to get the job done right, without the extra padding.

…And no wonder. Its primary goal is to maximize value, and it achieves this by eliminating waste. The benefits are clear, the concepts are proven, and the movement is progressing from its roots in manufacturing to silicon valley (lean startup) and beyond. It looks like Womack, Jones, and Roos who wrote the book on the revolutionary powers of lean may well have the last word on this subject — their prediction that it would impact everything from healthcare to retail to distribution is proving true.

In our small corner of this universe, we are bringing lean practices into our business, and capitalizing on the rich set of tools and frameworks, such as the Lean Canvas, Lean Analytics, Lean Marketing and, yes, even Lean Accounting.

This process is engaging and transformational, thanks to a group of colleagues who are keen on adopting new ways of thinking, working and acting. Still, even when everyone is committed, change doesn’t happen overnight; to adopt these new practices takes time, mentoring, guidance, and a willingness to review and revise every aspect of the business.

We hope our customers and vendors will join us on this path to improvement as we continue in our efforts to engage and be informed by lean practices.

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