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Design the perfect ICO landing page in 2018

A full guide to designing and launching the perfect landing page for ICO and blockchain products

Moving Into a Trustless World with Blockchain

Currency, finances, economy—these are the most fundamental building blocks of our society and also the ones requiring the most faith and trust. So, it’s not surprise that the most viral and hysteria-inducing application of blockchain is for the creation of alternate currencies.

The Ugly Side that Beauty Brands Risk Facing Online

When cosmetic companies gets caught up in a social media storm, there's only one way to make it out in one piece.

by Jessica Roberts

A Marketing Manager’s Guide to a Brand Refresh

What is a brand refresh and why is it important? Here is a marketing manager's guide on what to consider and whether it is time for a brand revival.

Why This Branding Agency Still Uses Facebook in 2018

In a world where Facebook represents our digital selves, the power of social marketing is unrivalled for brands.

by Jaren Scott