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A Guide To Cannabis Advertising

Whether a licensed producer, storefront or an investor, it's important to understand best practices in cannabis advertising.

by Kris Chichak

Whose Party Is This?

The story of "The People's Party of Canada" is the branding faux pas we can all learn from. And, sometimes—like the other "People's Party of Canada"—you can do everything right and still have to fight for your right... to party.

by Mo Dhaliwal

The Ugly Side That Beauty Brands Risk Facing Online

When cosmetic companies gets caught up in a social media storm, there's only one way to make it out in one piece.

A Marketing Manager’s Guide To A Brand Refresh

What is a brand refresh and why is it important? Here is a marketing manager's guide on what to consider and whether it is time for a brand revival.

by Yulia Havron