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Stimulating, inspiring—confounding! We bring thoughts and insights to intrepid venture builders and enterprising brand managers that will challenge the imagination and, sometimes, fill the heart.

Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

If you think building a brand is just about colours and fonts, you're doing it wrong. So we’re sharing the right way to approach branding.

by Yung Hui

An Expert Graphic Designer On How A Logo Is Created

This article will show you the thought process of how an expert creates a logo that supports a successful brand.

by Yong Hee Kim

The New Design Of Design

"If the design partner is to help startups realize the full potential value of design, return on investment is the ultimate barometer of success in venture

by Yong Hee Kim

What’s Cookin’ In Web Design?

Trends come and go, and we know it can be tough to keep up… but fear not! Let’s dive into a few that are currently on everyone’s radar.

Launch Your Startup Right with Design Thinking (Part 1)

Startups tend to consider design last. In turn, we explore the impact early-stage human-centred design thinking can have on your endeavour.

Launch Your Startup Right with Design Thinking (Part 2)

Design. Yeah. But really, what practical influence can design have on your business?