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And the winner is…

When social impact is powered by brand

The wait is over, the winner is selected. Take a look at the startup we’d be helping this year.

Brand Prize 2015 winner is selected

If you've seen our shortlist for this year's Brand Prize, you'd agree it was a close call. Each company had something unique and useful they wanted to bring to the world to make our lives better. Whether it is a platform for growing your own fooderadicating homelessnessprotecting yourself from skin cancerpromoting active lifestyle or choosing the right education. Eager to help them all, we knew we could only select one. So we did, admittedly, after much debate, sketches, tables and predictions into the future. And the winner is…

Brand Prize 2015 winner is selected

Welcome Suncayr!

A Waterloo-based startup won our hearts with their passion for social impact. If you haven’t seen our post on shortlisted candidates, Suncayr developed a marker with which you can draw or just make a mark on your skin before applying sunscreen. The mark will change in colour once the sunscreen is no longer effective.

Unlike its alternatives, Suncayr marker works accurately with any skin types, perspiration levels, and amount of sunscreen applied. It’s a product that has the potential to change the way we think about sunscreen, ultimately resulting in lower number of health problems caused by excessive sun exposure.

Where Skyrocket comes in

Over the next year, we’ll be working with Suncayr to make sure their brand is in top shape. This may involve helping them with visual identity, honing tone & voice and developing a solid branding system. The project will start later in the fall but we are already bursting with ideas.

To learn more about Suncayr, visit their website or read what some of these news sources wrote about them: Globe and MailFortune and CBC.

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