Startups Need a Brand Because…

Your brand:

  1. Answers who you are and why you’re worth paying attention to
  2. Fosters your relationship with people – human beings – who rely on logic to organize information, but make decisions based on emotional connection
  3. Communicates how you’re different and why you’re better than your competition
  4. Is one of the most powerful long-term investments you can make: a product lasts a sales cycle, but a trusted brand that people connect with lasts forever

Established businesses understand these principles and have the resources to execute their brands with great success.

The problem for startups is that they often don’t have access to those same kinds of resources. Granted, venture capitalists and crowdfunding can play a role in supporting cash-strapped startups. However, startups usually still have to operate on an extremely tight budget, as in ‘working out of your bedroom and living off Ramen’ type of budget. Branding is typically the last thing on their list of priorities, taking a backseat to seemingly more pressing issues like research and development.

Startups often have an ‘oh sh*t!’ moment realizing they have an extremely short time until launch, and their branding consists of a logo scrawled on the back of a napkin. Sooner or later, startups become conscious their brand is an undeniable necessity for success, and not an unaffordable luxury.

Startups Need a Brand Because…

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So, given the challenges – how do you create a brand that’s worthy of your product?

We’re here to help.

Enter the Skyrocket Brand Prize Contest: a chance for startups to win a Visual Identity and Branding System from us worth $40,000. We want to launch one deserving startup’s brand and establish a level of awareness, value, and connection that propels them to success.

The Brand Prize Contest will close the gap for startups who need help with their branding, but have limited resources. Not too long ago we were a startup as well, so we have an intimate understanding of the challenges startups face. We know how tough it can be and we want to help.

The contest works like this:

Startups Need a Brand Because…

We are looking for the best entrepreneurs, the ones who not only believe, but know they can make a difference (the apathetic need not apply). If you are an ambitious, hard-working culture disruptor who wants to make an impact, then we have only one question for you:

Are you ready to destroy the status quo?


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