Skyrocketing to Progress

Skyrocket is growing up

We’ve long since moved out of that tricky, adolescent phase. We’ve hit our stride, driven by our values and the work we aspire to create. As an agency, we’ve found our calling.

We know who our ideal clients are and the type of projects we want to be involved with. We’re seeking out: Pioneers. Outliers. Game-changers.

We’re partnering up with cause-based organizations and businesses dedicated to making a positive social impact. And what part do we play? Through strategy, design, and technology, our mission is to create experiences that provide value and improve the lives of the people they touch.

Enough talk, we’re about action. In a few days two members of our team, Mo and Jorge, will be flying cross-country to Ottawa. For two days they will be connecting with Canada’s progressive leaders, engaging with forward-thinking individuals and ideas.

The Progress Summit

From March 26 to 28, the Progress Summit 2015 will gather our country’s most important social democrats, political philosophers, environmentalists, labour organizers, Aboriginal leaders and activists, to discuss ideas and find a path towards ‘Building a Better Canada’. The event, hosted by the BroadBent Institute, is now in its second year and convenes at the Delta Ottawa City Centre. With the upcoming federal election this fall, it’s a critical time to have an active role in devising Canada’s future.

For details, take a look at the official media release here. The event is now sold out but has a waitlist. Follow along and join the conversation through #prgrs15.

Body Progress Summit

The Broadbent Institute

The organization behind the Progress Summit, the Broadbent Institute, was formed in 2011 with the purpose of examining and promoting issues of social democracy. Founded by Ed Broadbent, a social democratic politician who led the NDP from 1975 to 1989, this non-partisan think tank focuses on three core progressive areas: income equality, green economy and democratic renewal.

Jorge’s Experience

Skyrocket’s resident political scientist, Jorge, attended the first ever Progress Summit last year as a volunteer. Here’s why he’s excited to go again:

Apart from the obvious appeal of listening to top progressive minds discuss how to return to a more equitable and just Canada, my favourite part of the summit was to spend 3 days surrounded by people who were excited to hear each other’s ideas and stories. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and friendly dialogue… it felt like a summer camp for people who love to spend their time brainstorming how to create a better world. I learned about how indigenous rights can change the conversation about our current path of destructive natural resource extraction, how public institutions and public investments lead to innovation, how this country can take smart actions to reduce income inequality, and how digital campaigns can spring young people into action.

Most importantly, I left the conference feeling that a better future is possible. I remember waking up on Sunday morning in Ottawa and taking a stroll along the river. My mind was buzzing with ideas from the weekend, and despite the mountain of challenges we have to overcome as a country, I glanced over at Parliament Hill and felt a calming sense of hope.

Our Agency's Mission

This will be Skyrocket’s first foray into the Progress Summit. Here’s why Mo is moving Skyrocket towards progressive values:

Design for tomorrow—that statement drives everything we do. This manifests when we provide our clients with strategy and solutions for a strong foundation to build and grow. However, for us a big part of “tomorrow” is thinking about the type of community, nation and world we want to live in. Tomorrow is about making the right decisions today, so that we give rise to a culture that values diversity, social justice, the environment and—most importantly—a culture that values peace.

I’ve got some high expectations for our first visit to the Progress Summit. However, if what Jorge has told me holds true, then I’m looking forward to connecting with like-minded people that value “design for tomorrow” as much as we do. When we bring our thinking, our tools and abilities to amplify the work of these people and organizations, then we will be driving the change we so desperately need.

Tonight, Skyrocket is jetting off to create new connections and encourage conversation (hint: #100forprogressbegins Day 1 of the Summit). If you’re attending, stop by our booth to say hi!

Ultimately, it’s about innovation and advancement. For our agency and for our country.

We’re fired up and ready.

*Stay tuned for updates post-conference on lessons learned.

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