HeyOrca: Why We Made The Switch

Content marketing management is a task that requires the constant juggling of numerous moving parts—all of which have the potential to drop at your feet without notice. Much like juggling, the spinning pins of a content marketing strategy all require their own special attention to keep aloft. The swirling pattern created by deftly timing the launch of each piece of content is what makes the whole act turn heads, and it’s no small feat.

At Skyrocket, we have had our own sweat-inducing moments of late approvals and delays leading to less than optimal timing. We pride ourselves in our agility and speed in everything we do, but we were experiencing pain points when it came to content management marketing release windows.

Jobs that should have been fairly straightforward were getting bogged down by awkward handoffs. Overly complex review processes and way too many approval stages were made all the more painful by the aforementioned handoffs. The results of our system were unnecessary redundancies and carboloading on copypasta.

Tired of operating within our clearly unoptimized content management strategy system, we began searching for content management tools that were capable of answering our needs as well as our clients’. We needed something that would keep client accounts separate while also providing client and internal account managers access to their brand accounts through their own individual logins. We also needed a system that gave us the ability to integrate and streamline our approval process to save everyone time, increase project visibility, and improve our rate of delivery.

What we found, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, is HeyOrca.


How HeyOrca Improves Our Content Management Workflow

The HeyOrca system offers increased transparency for everyone involved in the process—our team members and our clients can access their content calendar with their emails to view the content, make comments, and provide approval. This eliminates double working and drastically cuts down on the time wasted by uploading documents to one location for client feedback only to later upload finished pieces to a different platform for publication. HeyOrca provided us with the ability to plan, collaborate, and develop content for separate client social media accounts in a single location. It enables us to keep messages organized and readily accessible while also acting as a content timing and distribution tool with its calendar view.

HeyOrca’s interface allows us to plan exactly when and where pieces of our clients content will release on social media platforms with automated publishing capabilities. The intuitive interface even provides realistic previews of how published content will look once live—saving us from the time-consuming process of creating mockups.


With the help of HeyOrca’s content marketing management tool, we were able to streamline our content development pipeline for ourselves while also providing our clients with visibility from creation to publishing and a simple method for providing feedback and when the content is ready, the one-click approval that automatically pushes the content into a scheduled queue.

And that, is the tea.

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