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Educating the next generation through collaboration.

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On our work
“KPU’s Melville School of Business is pleased to partner with organizations like Skyrocket that provide experiential learning opportunities for our students.  Such collaboration makes real the KPU promise that our education is delivered in a space where thought meets action.”

Donald Reddick (Assoc. Dean, Melville School of Business)

The Ask

Recently Skyrocket had the opportunity to collaborate with the students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. When KPU Faculty member Kriti Dewan approached us with a case study proposal for her Introduction to Digital Marketing classes, we were excited about the prospect of working with students, but we weren't prepared for just how thoughtful and inspiring they would be.

Student groups would research and analyze the digital marketing strategies of several businesses, allowing them to work together to bring the theories they’ve learned so far into practice. Sharing their findings would allow the students to combine their knowledge with real-world experience.

The Process

By performing various digital marketing tasks, the students would begin to understand the client's competitive landscape. A website and search engine optimization audit would kick off phase one and identify high-ranking keywords and opportunities to increase traffic. Further analysis of competitors in the space would give students a deeper understanding of the market.

Later, the students would explore their chosen business's email and social media tactics to understand channels, audience and competitive strategies.

A culmination of the project would be for students to present their findings to the Skyrocket team, allowing them to give feedback on the projects and the presentations to the students. 

The Outcome

The end of the project marks only the start of their careers. We are happy to be part of their journey and share in the inspiration that was sparked by this project. We believe that the diversity of ideas creates powerful solutions, and the insights gained from this collaboration were motivating.

We look forward to seeing what ideas the new generation of digital marketers will bring into the field.

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