7 Benefits Of A NationBuilder Election Website

NationBuilder as a campaign tool?

NationBuilder is a comprehensive system for engaging people and creating a community, but can it truly be used to run an effective campaign for a major election? Yes! NationBuilder empowers you to do campaigns that one could only dream of a few years ago.

A well-run campaign

A well-run campaign has two objectives: – Identify voters as supporters, undecideds or non-supporters, and – Engage supporters to ensure voting and to turn them into volunteers and influencers.

Excelling at one task will positively affect the other, creating a virtuous cycle that builds momentum for your campaign. Traditionally, campaign’s success was attributed to a high volume of phone calls and door knocking (and those are still important), but NationBuilder opens up a slew of new possibilities to:

1) Manage time With just two months to go until October 19, 2015, campaigning for the federal election is undergoing a massive time crunch. NationBuilder allows any type of communication can be scheduled for publishing, including blog posts, email blasts, text blasts, Facebook posts and tweets.

2) Share candidate’s vision The purpose is to build and sustain a community of people around your shared mission, so, naturally, NationBuilder supports campaign engagement and participation. You’ll gain a holistic view of your supporters with a robust database integrated directly with your website, finances, email and social media.

3) Utilize content Use tags to efficiently sort through website’s content and view real-time activity streams for individual pages or the whole website. Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place and connect LinkedIn, Meetup or Klout.

4) Drive engagement Recruiting volunteers is easy with signup pages that automatically assign people to a staff member for coordinating roles and shifts. Powerful canvassing tools allow you to visually cut turf on a map, delegate lists to organizers and print walksheets. You can also gather endorsements and collect voter pledges from your digital sites. NationBuilder empowers you to set point values for different actions, whether they are voter contacts, social media shares, donations or new volunteer recruits.

5) Maximize digital assets Effortlessly capture people’s contact information and find your most influential supporters with Klout. The system automatically matches email addresses to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and connects that information to your voter’s file.

6) Raise money Create campaigns for grassroots fundraising, public financing and donations. All information entered will be automatically synced to your database, so you get the full picture of your fundraising progress using tracking codes at any time.

7) Drive voter actions Coordinate events including all volunteering, fundraising and voter turnout activities. Supporters can host their own events and list them on your website. All RSVPs sync to Facebook to maximize social sharing.

NationBuilder integrates these political tactics to create an impactful strategy that wins the race. Because when there is unity there is always victory.

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