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Are yoU a digital InnoVator,

cReator,cHallenger or game chAnger?

Well, now yoU can be a wiNner Too.

Win a Visual Identity and Branding System

Are yoU a digital InnoVator,

cReator,cHallenger or game chAnger?

Brand Prize will reopen for submissions early 2016.

Well, now yoU can be a wiNner Too.

Win a Visual Identity and Branding System

After heated debates, we've chosen Suncayr as the Brand Prize 2015 recipient. To see what the Brand Prize looks like, scan through our case study about the 2014 winner, Hello Tractor. And, by all means, stay tuned for 2016.

So you’ve been working on a killer app or product. The hours are brutal. The pay is lousy. And the coffee’s crap. It’s all hard work and scant reward. We know, we’ve been there.

But now, to help you on your quest, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a visual identity and branding system.

The low down

There’s more to launching a startup than a killer app or product. A business needs to be properly defined before it can grow. You need a crafted point of view with the voice and personality to match. Establishing the right tone sparks a connection with your audience, builds relationships and keeps them interested.

With clear brand identity in hand, we can focus on cracking your visual identity – logo, website, stationery – you know, the eye candy. And we’ll do it right because good design can instantly project the values you want to communicate.

How it Works


Believe it or not, there’s a form. Fill it out, spellcheck it and click ‘apply’.
We'll reopen the submissions early 2016. Stay tuned.

The contenders are shortlisted

From the collection of promising startups, we’ll choose five. Next, it’s a video call to get to know you better. So go ahead and polish that elevator pitch to a healthy shine. Then dazzle us with your brilliance.
Shortlist announcement dates TBD.

A winner is selected

Who now claims bragging rights and has the Skyrocket team in their corner as they grow and prosper.
Winner announcement dates TBD.

Who is Skyrocket?

We’re a digital branding agency. We love creating brands and digital communication that works, that rises above the noise and that makes your ‘thing’ better than all the other things out there.

This ain’t our first rodeo either; we’ve worked with many startups in the past. We also love the idea of launching a game-changing startup. It gives us (you + us) the freedom to create and craft a brand without the limitations of startup budgets. Good times.

So go on, wow us, and let’s start this crazy adventure together.

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